Pregnancy Acupuncture

Not only is it a major upheaval emotionally, but also physically.  A woman’s body needs to change to be able to grow another life inside her. These changes can bring unwelcome pregnancy related discomforts and disorders.

Acupuncture can support women preparing for pregnancy, throughout pregnancy and in the post-natal period. Acupuncture is a very safe mode of treatment without the side-effects that can be associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, pregnancy can accentuate existing minor imbalances in one’s health, exacerbate emotional confusion or upset and cause pregnancy disorders.

Eastern acupuncture looks to support the whole person mentally and physically. It works to restore balance, bringing a sense of calm and helping to alleviate symptoms.

How can Pregnancy Acupuncture help? 

Information on medical research into about acupuncture in pregnancy can be found here and here. This short film clip is also interesting about the use of acupuncture for nausea. 

Where do we offer Pregnancy Acupuncture?

Jill is based at two practices for Pregnancy Acupuncture and you are welcome to visit her at either venue: 

Natural Foods Etc., 55 Clerk Street, Southside, Edinburgh EH8 9JQ map here
Allan's Pharmacy, 168 Portobello High Street, Portobello, Edinburgh, EH15 1EX map here


For more information, or to book in for a treatment, please contact Jill at KnotStressed.