Calm Birth Support

What is a Doula?

Before birth became a medical event, birthing women were supported by wise women skilled in childbirth. These women were often members of their own community and became known as 'doula's'. The term 'doula' comes from the Greek and literally means 'woman who serves'; in this case as a calming presence and emotional support during childbirth.

A doula birth partner will help you make informed decisions, ensure your feelings are heard and will be a familiar and comforting presence at the birth of your baby.

During the birth, a doula will be a support to you and your partner. She will be very sensitive to the emotional bond and intimate connection between you and your partner and will work intuitively with you both during the birth responding to your individual needs as the birth experience unfolds. At times this will mean she remains quietly in the background or will leave the room for a while to give the couple private time together: at other times, especially as the childbirth intensifies, she may become more involved with guidance on position changes and may offer other comfort measures such as massage and relaxation techniques, if these are desired. 

Why hire a Doula?

Recent research has highlighted that the presence of a doula during childbirth can reduce the length of childbirth and reduce the incidence of induction, augmentation, episiotomies and caesarean sections. Women supported by a doula can feel reassured, safe, calm and in control of their birth experience.

The presence of a supporting doula can be wonderful for both the pregnant woman and her birth partner, allowing them both to relax and enjoy the birth of their baby. Research has shown that the support provided by a doula can help to strengthen relationships postnatally.

Calm Birth Support

Our warm and wonderful doula, Robyn Theobald, offers doula support for pregnant women and their birth partners in the lead up to, during and following their childbirth experience.  If you are interesting in finding out more please contact Robyn at KnotStressed.