Parent & Baby Doula Support

The few weeks after your baby is born are very exciting but can often be exhausting too. Our wonderful Parent & Baby Doula, Robyn Theobald, can help enable you to look after your baby and enjoy this precious time.

Robyn can visit you in your home to help with anything from babysitting, emotional support and practical information on babycare (such as feeding and sleeping) to light housework, preparation of simple meals and shopping.

You are welcome to book a minimum of 4 hours at a time, for as often as you feel you would like the support, and at any time following the birth of your baby.

If you know in advance that you would like to hire a doula following the birth of your baby, please contact us during your pregnancy. If you have had your baby and are looking for a doula as soon as possible, we will happilly do what we can to make ourselves available for you.

'Parent & Baby Doula Support' gift vouchers can make a lovely present for new parents. 

For more information please contact Robyn at KnotStressed.