Relax and Breathe Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage for hypnobirthing treatments are the perfect time out for pregnant women in need of additional relaxation.

If you have been on a hypnobirthing course and wish to consolidate the techniques learned then this is a lovely way to do so. Just relax with a massage while enjoying gentle meditation scripts from our Relax and Breathe Birthing Course

If you have not been on a hypnobirthing course but would like to enjoy a guided visualisation whilst you relax with massage then enjoy this treat. 

By practising relaxation regularly during your pregnancy you can begin to 'train' your mind and body to relax to certain cues such as music, visualisations and massage. These cues can then help you go deeply into relaxation in childbirth. By harnessing this deep relaxation you can help achieve a calm, empowered birth experience.

What will each session involve?
The session will be tailored to your needs and wishes. At the start of the session we will go through a full consultation with you to identify what type of massage you would like, which scripts you wish to listen to, and the techniques you are keen to practise using.

The massage itself will given in the same way and provide all the benefits of a KnotStressed Pregnancy Massage, with the additional advantage of enabling you to consolidate your hypnobirthing techniques whilst in a relaxed state.

For more information: please contact Onie at KnotStressed