Reflexology is a fascinating, holistic therapy that has been found by many to be really beneficial for bringing mind, body and spirit back into balance.  It is a non-invasive treatment that can be of great benefit in helping to relieve stress-related disorders and can be used for all age groups. Because of this there is an increasing interest in this treatment.

A reflexology treatment aims to ease any blockages or areas of congestion in the meridians or energy lines that run along the body. These 'blockages' may bring about certain physical, emotional and mental imbalances.

History of Reflexology

Eunice D. Ingham was a physical therapist who was fascinated by the idea of the energy lines in the body and zone therapy.  In the 1930s she looked at the concept of zone therapy to develop her own foot reflex theory determining that working specific reflexes on the feet stimulated particular parts of the body. This theory spread all over the world and was developed further to become what we now know as Reflexology.

The Treatment

We begin by looking at the feet and then warming them up with some gentle massage techniques.

The reflex points on the feet are worked on using specific finger and thumb techniques to clear any imbalances and to encourage the body's own natural ability to heal itself.

These reflex points correspond to the whole body, including the various organs and tissues, therefore reflexology has the means to treat the whole body. 

If you feel something needs to 'shift', you have a build up of toxins or congestion in the body or you simply need some time out to re-energise and relax, then this treatment could be what you're looking for to help promote your body's natural healing processes and restore vitality.

Reflexology is not an alternative to qualified medical advice so always consult your doctor.

We have two wonderful Reflexologists who work with us at KnotStressed Therapies and are happy to see clients at their studios in central Edinburgh and Leith, Anne Young and Georgie McCulloch.


£47 for a 1 hour general reflexology treatment