Yoga for Fertility

Yoga for Fertility provides emotional and physical support to your whole being to help increase your chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Whether you are preparing to start a family, have been hoping to become pregnant for some time, or are undergoing a programme of IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies, Yoga for Fertility is a wonderful support.

We offer Yoga for Fertility as part of our small, friendly and supportive WellWoman Yoga classes. Elements of Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Somatics and Yoga Nidra are combined to:

  • balance your endocrine and nervous systems
  • release tension and congestion through your whole body-mind
  • lower stress and anxiety levels 
  • connect with your womb space and energies
  • facilitate deep relaxation

The classes are restful, nourishing, empowering, and extremely beneficial. Supporting familiarity and trust with your unique monthly rhythms, they promote menstrual health and provide a positive foundation for optimal fertility.

Our classes are open to women wherever they are on their fertility journey.


Classes run weekly on Thursdays from 7-830pm. Please note pre-booking is essential.

Private sessions are also available for women, men and couples.

To find out more about Yoga for Fertility and to book your session please contact Penny at KnotStressed.