Postnatal Counselling

You might have found that becoming a parent has not been as full of joy as you expected. Many people (one in seven women, and one in ten men) become depressed or anxious after the birth of a child, but it can still feel difficult to talk about.

There are many reasons that parents struggle after the birth of a child. And finding yourself feeling  anxious or depressed after the birth of a child (or even up to 3 years later) does not mean that you are not able to love your child, however it might mean that you need a bit of extra emotional support to adjust.

Counselling provides a safe space to explore how you feel, and gain a new perspective with which to approach your situation. I have worked with new parents for many years and together we can work to figure out what is going on for you. Please do get in contact with me, Sarah Wheatley, if you would like to know more about this kind of support.

Clinic hours

I offer counselling appointments during the day Monday-Thursday, as well as occasional evenings.

Where to find me

My welcoming counselling clinic is based in Portobello, within easy reach of the city centre, using Lothian bus routes 26 and 15. You can find a map of Portobello here.


The initial 60-minute session is £60. After that, I charge £65 for an hour.

For more information please contact Sarah at KnotStressed