Nutrition Consultation


Proper nutrition is essential for everyone. Without it our body cannot function properly and our health and wellbeing can deteriorate.

In the short term, poor nutrition can cause tiredness, stress and affect our ability to work. In the long term it can cause serious health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, infertility, etc. It has now been proven that many chronic diseases can be prevented with proper nutrition.

We offer a wide range of nutritional services for all ages and needs. 

  • Nutrition MOT check up
  • Bespoke weight loss programme
  • Weaning group workshops (one-on-one also available)
  • Children, adults, fertility, pregnancy and elderly
  • Sport and fitness
  • Children’s behaviour and learning
  • Chronic disease prevention and recovery (including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis etc.)
  • Advice during/after cancer treatment

Dr. Ilenia Paciarotti (PhD, Rnutr) is a Registered Nutritionist with great experience in clinical nutrition and in dealing with difficult situation such as paediatric, cancer, IBS , fertility etc. You can be confident that she has the knowledge to deal with any nutritional/health problem you are experiencing. All our nutrition services are evidence based.

Our Approach

We avoid shakes and fad diets: these may work on a short term but not in the long term and the health benefits of these diets are questionable. All our advice is evidence based. Our goal is to improve the health and lifestyle of our clients for life.

Each individual is unique: everyone has unique dietary needs and goals. Our nutritional advice is tailored for the client and takes into consideration the client’s health condition, food sensitivities, allergies, intolerances and food preferences (vegetarians & religious diets).

Lifestyle change: we will help and assist our clients to change their lifestyle by providing tips on shopping, cooking, eating out, and reading food labels. We also offer behavioural and psychological advice to deal with food cravings and binge eating. 

Understanding what we eat: this is fundamental to make any dietary change. We will provide guidance on interpreting the nutrient content of the food, the ingredients (including additives, processed fats), food label reading and information on marketing terminology such as fat free, natural sugars etc .


First Consultation
Consultation time: 90 minutes / Cost: £85.00

Follow ups
Consultation time: 45 minutes (approx.) / Cost: £50.00 
Consultation time: 30 minutes (approx.) / Cost: £35.00

To make a booking:

For more information about our Nutrition Consultation or to make a booking please contact Ilenia at KnotStressed