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Thai Massage

Experience a deep and effective Northern-Style Thai Massage in Edinburgh. Thai Massage involves a flowing sequence of yoga-like stretches during which the practitioner uses hands, elbows, knees and feet to firmly apply pressure to soft tissue to release tension and allow freer movement. Joints are slowly and firmly moved through their full range of motion to locate restrictions and ease mobility.

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Northern Style Thai Massage

By using deep tissue rolling and acupressure moves the therapist aims to release muscular tension and support overall relaxation. It is common to feel energised and invigorated after a session.

Thai Massage Signature Treatment

Experience a full body traditional Northern style Thai Massage incorporating a hot herbal foot soak, warm towel compresses and indulgent Thai Foot Massage followed by a relaxing herbal tea and fruit platter.

Thai Massage is offered by Juan, who has over 20 years experience as a massage therapist.



60 minutes £50

75 minutes £60

90 minutes £65

2 hours £80

Having experienced this amazing treatment from Juan all I can say from personal experience is that everyone needs to have at least one Thai Massage in their lifetime! I am literally tension free, ache free and the weight that was on my neck and shoulders has now disappeared. Awesome!
— Frankie