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Sports & Remedial Massage

Our Edinburgh Sports & Remedial Massage is a deep tissue treatment working on specific areas of the body to soften muscle tissue and promote healing. Sessions may involve some assessment of your movement, in order to ascertain any restricted movements and areas. You may be given suggestions for exercises so you can play an active role in your body's healing.

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Who will benefit from Sports & Remedial Massage?

Most beneficial for people looking for relief from soft tissue injury and repetitive strain conditions.

Specific benefits include:

* relieves muscle tension and scar tissue

* improves flexibility and range of movement

* shortens recovery time and improves blood circulation

* supports pain management by relieving anxiety and stimulating release of hormones such as endorphins



60 minutes £50

75 minutes £60

90 minutes £65

2 hours £80

As a triathlete (up to Ironman distances) I would highly recommend regular Sports Massage with KnotStressed. I find them to be the most effective massages ever and believe they significantly improve my performance.
— Elias