Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Massage in Sports

Physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage can all play a key role in preventing and managing injury from sport and exercise at all ages and levels of ability.

Keeping fit and active is essential for a long, healthy life but unfortunately, doing sport, running, cycling or any other activities can often lead to injury through accidents, repetitive strain, postural problems or muscle imbalance.

This is where physiotherapy comes in. Physiotherapy promotes safe physical activity participation, injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation from injury, whilst restoring optimal function and enhancing sports performance.

Alongside advice, physiotherapy may use various treatment modalities to aid injury prevention and/or rehabilitation….

Exercise Therapy

Following a full assessment of your posture, range of movement and muscle power, areas of muscle imbalance are identified and a specific stretching and strengthening exercise plan is put together. Correcting these issues not only helps recovery from aches, pains and injuries but also helps prevent problems in the future and keeps you doing the sport you love for longer.

Massage and Manual Therapy

Massage, joint mobilisations, and passive stretches all help to relieve areas of tight and sore muscles, improve flexibility and promote healing.


Western acupuncture is thought to aid recovery by increasing blood flow to the area of injury which kick-starts the healing process and removes waste products, reducing inflammation. It is also thought to cause the body to release it’s own pain relieving hormones, reducing the need for taking pain relief. Reducing your pain will make it easier for you to carry out your rehabilitation programme, getting you back to fitness quicker.

Reducing your pain, rehabilitating injury and correcting muscle imbalances can not only get you back to your sport and reduce your chance of injury but also improve your performance. So whatever sport you enjoy, get in touch today to see how much better you can be!

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