Counselling for Pregnancy

Pregnancy isn’t always what you think it will be like, and you might not feel as joyful as you expected.

Pregnancy involves a great deal of transition, and like any other transition this can take some getting used to.

There are many aspects of pregnancy that can cause anxiety, depression and stress – whether this is due to the physical changes, relationship issues, financial challenges, worries about the baby or lack of confidence in yourself as a parent. It can be especially hard to admit to feeling this way if others around you think that you should be feeling full of joy.

If you would like a confidential space to talk about how you’re feeling, with someone who understands many of the issues that can affect parents-to-be, then please do get in contact with me, Sarah Wheatley.

Counselling can really help new parents as they make this transition.

Clinic hours

I offer counselling appointments during the day Monday-Thursday, as well as occasional evenings.

Where to find me

My welcoming counselling clinic is based in Portobello, within easy reach of the city centre, using Lothian bus routes 26 and 15. You can find a map of Portobello here.


The initial 60-minute session is £60. After that, I charge £65 for an hour.

For more information please contact Sarah at KnotStressed