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Pregnancy Yoga

Our Edinburgh Pregnancy Yoga sessions will help you connect with your baby through gentle stretching, movement, breathing and visualisations to build strength, improve flexibility, bolster confidence and bring peace of mind. These relaxed classes are a lovely way to meet other mums-to-be.

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Who will benefit?

Pregnancy Yoga is a nourishing practice that seeks to bring emotional and physical balance. It is suitable for women in all stages of pregnancy. All future mums are welcome whether you have practiced yoga previously or are new to yoga.

Regular Pregnancy Yoga may help to:

* relieve swelling, cramps, sickness and nausea

* enhance energy levels and ease mood changes

* naturally massage the abdomen and help with baby positioning

* promote pelvic opening and strengthen pelvic floor

* instill a sense of grounding and inner peace that can be so helpful to you during pregnancy and as you prepare for your baby’s birth


Classes take place weekly on:


  • 8 class pass valid for 9 weeks for the 60-minute classes - £80

  • 8 class pass valid for 9 weeks for the 75-minute classes - £96

I attended pregnancy yoga and baby massage. The pregnancy yoga was fantastic for relaxation and preparing me for birth. The baby massage was a wonderful opportunity to bond with my baby and learn fun songs and activities to do at home. Both classes were relaxed, fun and led by really knowledgable practioners. Highly recommended.
— Tips and Tricks