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Pregnancy Massage

Our Edinburgh Pregnancy Massage is a deeply relaxing and restorative treatment tailored entirely to your needs and your stage in pregnancy. A full treatment involves a combination of techniques such as Swedish, Acupressure, Deep Tissue and Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu and Lymphatic Drainage, as well as gentle stretching, breathing and guided visualisations.

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Who can benefit?

Massage during pregnancy can help you adjust to the dramatic changes you are experiencing as you prepare for childbirth. It is safe at any stage during pregnancy.

There are many well-documented benefits to regular pregnancy massage including reduced anxiety and back pain, improved mood and sleep, lowered urinary stress hormones, as well as calmer, shorter and less intervened birth experiences.

How will I be lying?

Pregnancy Massage is usually undertaken with you in the side-lying position, or semi-reclining, and supported by specially designed 'Body Support Cushions'. Most clients say they wish they could take the cushions home with them!


Peace of Mind:

KnotStressed are specialists in Pregnancy Massage. We are also well respected UK-providers of Pregnancy Massage Training. All our KnotStressed therapists are trained through our own Federation of Antenatal Educators accredited Pregnancy Massage Training. 

We also offer Pregnancy Massage for Hypnobirthing, and Massage Workshops for couples where partners can learn massage techniques for pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.


  • 60 minutes £50 (repeat clients only)

  • 75 minutes £60

  • 90 minutes £65

  • 2 hours £80

I have had absolutely amazing experiences here. I felt so relaxed and comfortable. It’s pretty addictive, now I feel like going every week :) I recommend KnotStressed to EVERYONE who is looking for the best massage treatment or yoga in the city. THANK YOU!
— Soňa Zahovayová