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Mind-Body Relaxation through Autogenic Training in Edinburgh

Autogenic Training has been shown to be an effective tool in preventative medicine and acts as an antidote to stress related disorders. It complements conventional medicine and has been used successfully in the treatment of various medical issues, often leading to a reduction in the need for therapist intervention and medication.

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Who will benefit?

Anyone looking for ways to relieve chronic stress, anxiety, panic attacks, negative feelings or emotions or other stress-related issues will benefit enormously from attending this course.

The tools introduced are especially helpful if you feel the need to ‘re-set’ or ‘re-calibrate’ and are experiencing an inability to relax and focus, or diminished self-esteem. Autogenic Training can be of great help during periods of life transition, following loss or bereavement and during major upheaval. Once learnt, it becomes a skill for life.

The course is lead by Robyn Theobald.

What is involved?

Autogenic Training teaches a mind-body meditative process and progressive relaxation exercises which allow the nervous system to calm down, our bodies to rest and deep sleep to be achieved. It can be taught individually or in groups (maximum 8), and, following the initial 1-1 assessment, usually consists of eight weekly sessions of around 90-minutes duration.


Group size:

Our groups are limited to eight people, ensuring a friendly setting and enabling us to tailor the sessions to your individual needs.







KnotStressed is a great place. The environment is designed to relax from the moment one walks in the door. The small touches, such as the bowls of nuts and dried fruit and a selection of teas, makes one feel welcome and taken care of. Highly recommended.
— Tracey Paterson