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Massage for People Living with Cancer

Cancer can affect people of all ages and we believe that everyone has the right to nurturing and therapeutic touch. Our Edinburgh-based Oncology Massage Therapists are Iris Cancer Partnership trained and are fully qualified to work with you through this difficult time. We will be able to tailor the treatment completely to your needs and individual requirements.


Who will benefit from Oncology Massage?

Massage for people living with cancer has been shown to help reduce symptoms of nausea, anxiety, depression and fatigue. It is often offered as part of cancer care in cancer centres, hospices, community health services and some GP surgeries.

Specific benefits include:

* relax your mind and body

* relieve tension

* improve the flow of fluid (lymph) in the lymphatic system

* enhance your mood

Peace of Mind:

It's a good practice to notify your consultant and let them know you’d like to receive gentle nurturing massage.



60 minutes £45

75 minutes £55

90 minutes £60

2 hours £75

Right from the first positive, friendly email I knew I would enjoy it. The massage lasted 90 minutes and I really did not want it to stop. I slept like a log that night and, apart from a slightly stiff back, I had no ill-effects. It was worth the 6 hour round trip and a brilliant birthday present to receive from my daughters.
— Ellie Ingram