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Hypnotherapy & NLP

Our Edinburgh Hypnotherapy, NLP and Generative Coaching service could help you to remove the barriers in your life and enable effective in order to progress towards where you want to be. Whether it's letting go of painful traumas, shifting bad habits, or increasing motivation, we can help you develop new ways of thinking, enhancing positive behaviour and feelings.


What does a session involve?

Sessions vary for each individual and depend on factors such as the issue and challenges being addressed. Sessions are relaxing, positive, non-judgmental and usually use a mix of approaches.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you:
* improve emotional control and manage negative behaviour
* relieve stress, anxiety and panic attacks
* conquer fears, worries and phobias
* increase confidence and self esteem
* enhance focus and concentration
* manage and cope with transitions
* boost sleep, emotional health and wellbeing


Orielle Taylor is a Registered Hynotherapist and Hypnotherapy Trainer with many years experience. She sees clients at her practice on Albany Street in Edinburgh city centre. Sessions cost £95 and last up to 90-minutes.

My focus was to be calm and in control of my emotions. I am hugely grateful and can 100% state, from my experience, hypnosis really works. Thank you!
— Sarah