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Beyond Birth Trauma - 3 Step Rewind

Was your birth difficult? Or perhaps you have experienced a traumatic event in pregnancy or during the postnatal period? And even though it occurred in the past do you feel that it is still very present in your mind and is still affecting you?

It’s not unusual after any difficult or traumatic event for a person to feel out of sorts and in a state of shock. Recurring, unwanted thoughts can be exhausting and anxiety inducing. You may feel that you wish to move on but feel you need some support in order to put it behind you.

By using the well recocgnised 3-Step Rewind process, we seek to help you to come to terms with your difficult experience so that you are able to reflect on it more positively and move on with your life.

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Who will benefit?

Anyone looking for ways to relieve chronic stress, anxiety, panic attacks, flashbacks, negative feelings or emotions, or other stress-related issues, surrounding a birth experience or an event or series of events during pregnancy or the postnatal period will benefit from attending these private 1-1 sessions.

The tools introduced are especially helpful if you feel you are trying to avoid remembering an event because of the emotions it elicits, are experiencing an inability to relax and focus, or diminished self-esteem, and if you wish to come to terms with your experience and feel ready to process it and move forward.

What is involved?

3 Step Rewind sessions introduce mind-body meditative and progressive relaxation exercises which allow the nervous system to calm down, your body to rest and enable you to more positively re-frame thoughts and feelings associated with a difficult or traumatic event. The process won’t erase the memory of your baby’s birth/experience, but it may enable you to reflect differently on it going forward.

In three 60-90 minute sessions we:

*Identify and isolate specific events or a series of events around your difficult experience that you are struggling to come to terms with or process

*Explore the emotions that you’ve been experiencing and use Solutions Focussed Therapy to identify how you want to feel going forward - and work towards those goals

*Help to neutralise your current negative feelings and reframe the experience so that you can reflect on it more positively going forward without negative feelings or reactions

*Help you re-gain control, feel more positive about your experience and yourself

*Enable you to discuss your birth calmly and openly, if you wish

*Identify appropriate ongoing support and ensure that you have all that you need to feel positive going forward.

The private sessions are lead by Onie who has ten years experience supporting families through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Please note that the 3 Step Rewind process is one of many tools, techniques and support services that could help you to shift feelings around a negative experience. We are part of an excellent team of experienced therapists and network practitioners and an important part of these sessions is to identify any further support you might need going forward in order to work through your experience. For some, 3 Step Rewind can be all they need to re-frame their difficult experience. For others, it is a helpful starting point towards the process of moving beyond a traumatic experience.



We work through the 3 Step Rewind in three sessions. Each session lasts 60-90 minutes.

First session - Building trust, understanding how you are feeling now about your experience and in your life and identifying how you wish to feel going forward, introducing a general relaxation and visualisation exercise for you to enjoy daily at home (90-minutes)

Second session (7 days later) - working through the 3 Step Rewind guided visualisation to enable you to comfortably replay your difficult experience in your mind in a supported way, working at your own pace and ensuring you feel comfortable and at ease (90-minutes)

Third session - (10-14 days later) - Review session to see how you are feeling about the 3 Step Rewind process and identify steps for continuing to bolster your personal wellbeing going forward (60-minutes)


As this is a new service, Onie is keen to invite clients to experience these sessions free of charge over the summer. Please get in touch if you are interested in taking part. This offer will expire on 31st August 2019.

Going forward, the cost for all three sessions will be £175 and we ask that you book all three sessions at the same time as per the time frames listed above.


Sessions take place at KnotStressed Therapies. Map here.

I have done a number of classes at KnotStressed including pregnancy yoga, mum and baby yoga and postnatal yoga. They have all been fabulous and something to look forward too in the week. Lovely small groups and warm friendly setting with time to relax and enjoy a cuppa to unwind from daily stress. I’ve also had a couple of massages here and they have always been wonderfully relaxing and healing.
— Maggie Dempsey