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Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop in Edinburgh

Breastfeeding is a very personal journey for each and every mum, partner and baby. It is a time of learning, communicating, cuddling, relaxing, bonding, loving and many other important things. But it can also come with a lot of challenges and for some mothers and babies it may take a bit of time for you both to get it right. Receiving the correct advice and information before your baby arrives can make all the difference to successful breastfeeding.


Who can benefit?

This interactive breastfeeding workshop will help you to feel excited and confident about your journey ahead. We recommend attending during the final weeks in pregnancy.

The workshop is lead by Sally Haldane, a midwife with many years experience in supporting breastfeeding mums.

During the session we will look at:

* the biology and hormones that are involved

* skin to skin contact and its vital importance for helping your baby to adapt to life outside the womb

*different breastfeeding positions

*breastfeeding challenges - how to recognise when problems arise and how to access the appropriate help

*partners and their important role in supporting you and your baby

* your support network and how this can ultimately help you to breastfeed for longer and with more confidence.


Upcoming Workshops:

  • £15 per person and £20 per couple

Such a welcoming and friendly centre for all things relaxation. This place has it all for guiding you through your journey to parenthood.
— Jo Lochead