Penny Horner, Women's Yoga Teacher

Women’s bodies are amazing! I have always been fascinated by how we cope physically and emotionally as our bodies change and develop over the course of our lives. But the ‘superwoman’ ethic in modern society means we often just try to ‘get on with it’ irrespective of all the remarkable changes we go through. Sometimes, we need a bit of support.

Earlier in my career I spent many years facilitating discussion groups on issues around women’s health. Now, as a yoga teacher, I am inspired by the holistic mind and body benefits that yoga can bring and how this can be especially helpful for women’s health.

I myself found yoga particularly valuable both pre and postnatally. I also experienced the ups and downs of menopause at a particularly challenging time in my own life - and survived! The support I received from other women and the physical benefits, calm and relaxation that yoga brought certainly helped my transition.

I have two wonderful daughters in their twenties and now live in Edinburgh with my second husband. I am interested in healthy eating and cookery, the outdoors and archaeology. I love spending time on the West Coast of Scotland.

Yoga qualifications and experience

  • I have practiced different styles of yoga throughout my life and now have a daily ashtanga yoga practice. My yoga teacher training includes:

  • Training as a yoga teacher in Edinburgh with Avid Yogi (200 hours RYT)

  • Studying with Uma Dinsmore Tuli in ’Womb Yoga’, gaining an understanding of the benefits of yoga to women throughout their reproductive years and beyond.

  • Specific training in yoga therapy for diastasis recti ('split abs') and pelvic floor issues/prolapse.

  • 'Pregnancy and post natal yoga teacher training with YogaMama in London

  • Uma Dinsmore-Tuli's Yoga Nidra Foundation and Total Yoga Nidra teacher training. I am a registered teacher with the Yoga Nidra Network.

  • I now teach a number of general and therapeutic yoga classes in Edinburgh and Ardnamurchan.

Other qualfications and experience 

  • As a psychologist, I worked as a professional qualitative researcher from 1978 until recently, spending a number of years specialising in women’s health.

  • BA(hons) & MSc Psychology

  • MSc Social Anthropology