Lynne-Marie Thom, Massage Therapist

I started my journey as a massage therapist after experiencing a period of prolonged stress in my life. I have long sung the praises of receiving a quality massage and, I have no doubt that massage can have a very real effect on an individual’s health and wellbeing.

When I first made my transition from the Corporate world and embarked on my Holistic Massage training, something deeply resonated with me and since finding this passion of mine, I have been amazed at the effects of massage on my clients, whether they are suffering from stress, day to day aches and pains or seeking a means of maintaining muscle health whilst training for a sporting event. I am also fascinated with the link between body and mind.

Massage therapy, more than anything, has focused my mind on the possibilities that this brings. I gained my diploma in Holistic Massage with Rosslyn Alternatives and am registered with the Massage Training Institute. I have since added to my training, gaining further qualifications in hot stones therapy and pregnancy massage therapy. I have also trained in on-site seated massage.

Holistic Massage really does consider the whole person and is fantastic as it allows me to work more intuitively with you, using a range of Swedish and deep tissue techniques. This means I will always make it a priority to provide you with a treatment that best meets your own personal needs. I often like to bring hot stones work in to my treatments, as I find that this can help provide a more effective treatment, warming and softening muscles quickly and enabling deeper work.

I have most recently trained in pregnancy massage and it is an absolute joy to do. These treatments can have profound positive effects on the client and even on their birthing experience. Knowing that these benefits can be passed to the unborn baby makes what I do even more rewarding. I love that what I can do for my clients can have such real benefits in such an exciting period of their life.

My other passion besides massage therapy is outdoor exercise and I love anything ‘bikes’. I have recently taken up triathlon and get outside to train as often as I can, and I use yoga and pilates (and of course massage) to keep my mind and body in balance.

I consider massage an essential part of my training and my interest in this area has led me to embark on a remedial & sports massage diploma, which will enable me to work with injury and ensure my clients keep on track in pursuing their own passions.

I am really excited about this next stage in my massage career. As well as working at KnotStressed Therapies, I have my own massage therapy business ‘BodhiWorks’ where I work from home in the city.