Dr. Ilenia Paciarotti, Nutritionist

My name is Ilenia and I truly believe nutritio vitae (nutrition nourishes life). I was born in Italy and grew up with a great passion for food, nutrition and the effect that diet can have on people’s health.

During my career as nutritionist and academic I became particularly interested in how good nutrition during early years can affect health and behaviour in both childhood and adulthood and how optimal nutrition can help disease recovery and improve health and wellbeing.

My experience in clinical nutrition research and my years of private practice in Italy and in Edinburgh have given me a deep understanding and knowledge on how optimal nutrition is affected during serious health conditions and how a personalised nutritional plan should be designed to speed up recovery and to improve the health status.

I have also extensive experience on Weight Loss Managment; I have helped many clients who had struggled to lose weight with any diets, to achieve their weight goal and maintain it. Before I give any dietary plan I assess the nutritional status, metabolism, fat mass, fat free mass, water retention and cellular integrity with the help of the most advance technology in the nutrition field (Bioelectrical Impedance RJL Analyser). These measures give me the opportunity to understand where the excess weight is coming from (excess water retention, fat, low metabolism) allowing me to design a successful personalised weight loss plan. That is the key to my weight loss programme success!

I have also extensive experience in Sport Nutrition and I am the official nutritionist of my hometown agonistic swimming club. I have helped many athletes to optimise their performance, recovery, and speed and muscle strength.

During my career I have effectively helped many clients with fertility issues, IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia to minimise their symptoms and improve their quality of life

I offer I wide range of services for all ages and situations. I follow a science based approach to create a tailored eating and life style plan.

  • Weight loss and maintenance

  • Children, adults, fertility, pregnancy and elderly

  • Sport and fitness

  • Children’s behaviour and learning

  • Advice after cancer treatment

  • Weaning workshops

  • Nutrition education for health professionals

  • Menu development for nurseries and schools

  • Online consultations