Daniela Coronado, Massage Therapist

II embarked on a new professional path after my first son's birth in 2013 – one of the most powerful and life-changing events of my life, followed by my daughter’s birth in 2018.

I decided to do a Holistic Massage Training Course, during which I realised how important the sense of touch is for human beings and the satisfaction that I feel in helping others through massage. I am now qualified to a Level 4 Certificate from the Massage Training Institute (MTI) and I aim to keep expanding my knowledge through further training and experience.

I am especially interested in helping others to become aware of their tension and enabling them to activate a relaxation response within their own bodies. I work intuitively and holistically using a range of techniques from Swedish and Holistic Massage such as working with stillness and breathwork, stretches, mobilisation, myofascial release and trigger points. I am also certified in Pregnancy Massage following attending the KnotStressed Therapies Pregnancy Massage Training course, which is accredited by the Federation of Antenatal Educators. I am as well certified in Indian Head Massage with the ‘Me-time’ Therapies Training.

I’ve done a Birth Educator Training Course with the PPC (Pregnancy and Parents Centre) through which I gained the knowledge and developed tools to support women during pregnancy and in preparation for motherhood. After doing this training I’m currently working on the preparation of sessions aiming to run women’s groups.

My professional background is within the social work sector. I have worked in several countries within a range of sectors, including working with children, youngsters and people with mental health problems. I am currently working part time in a day service centre with adults with learning disabilities.

In my spare time, I love doing yoga, experiencing nature, hill walking, travelling, spending time with my family and reading books and research articles relating to my studies.