Find out more about Onie.

Onie is Co-Director of KnotStressed and specialises in supporting women through Pregnancy, Birth and the Postnatal Period.

She also offers Accredited Training Courses.

Krista Black

Find out more about Krista

Krista is Co-Director of KnotStressed and has extensive experience in sports and remedial massage as well as pregnancy, postnatal

and relaxing hot stones massage.

Juan Mases

Find out more 

about Juan


Juan is an experienced Sports/Remedial Therapistand Thai Massage Practitioner and also offers Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage.

Jen Syme

Find out more about Jen.

Jen specialises in Sports & Remedial Massage and Myofascial Release and also offers Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage. 

Katarina Aydin

Find out more about Kat.

Kat offers a range of Yoga and Meditation classes.

Claire Black

Find out more about Claire.

Claire offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Remedial, and Pregnancy and 

Postnatal Massage. 

Gabe Stewart

Find out more about Gabe.

Gabe offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and 

Postnatal Massage and Indian Head Massage.

Sarah Wheatley

Find out more about Sarah.

Sarah offers Counselling for wellbeing, fertility, pregnancy, postnatal and 50 plus.

Esther Hernandez

Find out more about Esther.

Esther offers offers Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports and Remedial Massage and also offers Pregnancy  and Postnatal Massage. 

Vikki Shelton

Find out more about Robyn.

Robyn is an experienced Calm Birth Doula and Parent and Baby Doula.

Sally Haldane

Find out more about Sally Haldane.

Sally has many years experience as a midwife. She runs our Pregnancy and Childbirth Information Sessions.

Anne Young

Find out more about Anne

Anne is a Reflexologist specialising in fertility and pregnancy. She is also a Relax & Breathe Birthing Instructor.

Orielle Taylor

Find out more about Penny Horner

Penny is a yoga teacher, specialising in women's health. She leads our Menopause Support Group

Daniela Coronado

Find out more about Bex.

Bex offers Fertility Massage.

Rhian Heppleston

Find out more about Rhian.

Rhian offers offers Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.