Story Massage for Children

Discover the wonderful world of Story Massage in our informal and fun workshops for parents and children. 

Workshop for parents and children aged 4-12 years

Looking forward to the day your little one can give you a massage in return? Join this fun and informal Story Massage workshop for older children. Learn simple techniques to adapt their favourite bedtime story/rhymes and get creative turning magical story telling into a massage that you can both enjoy!

  • Max 5 adults

  • Dates to be confirmed - please contact us if interested 

  • Cost per adult £25.00

Workshop - parents only (parents of children of all ages)

Learn how to continue to massage your baby as they crawl and climb away from you! This fun workshop for parents helps you adapt simple massage techniques to bedtime stories and rhymes so that your wriggling little ones can still enjoy and benefit from massage as they grow old and develop. Suitable for parents of children under 4 years. 

  • Max 8 adults

  • dates to be confirmed - please contact us if interested 

  • Cost per adult £25.00

Parent and Baby Group – babies from 6 weeks to pre-crawling

Looking for a lovely course to do with your baby? Join our Story Massage course to discover some mellow massage strokes you can enjoy to complement your baby massage and bedtime story routine.

  • Max 6 parents plus babies

  • 3 x 1 hour weekly sessions

  • Cost per parent and baby £25.00

  • Please note we run this course on demand and are happy to offer private sessions for groups of parents. Just contact us if you are interested in booking onto this course.  

These sessions are run by experienced Baby Massage Instructor, Anne Young.

No massage oil is used and babies and children remain fully clothed.


To find out more or to make a booking, please contact Anne at KnotStressed.