Baby Kind Sessions

Baby Kind helps you learn more about the unique ways your baby communicates, helping you trust your instincts.

Parents who have had a Baby Kind session say that they feel more confident that they understand what their baby is communicating. During the session you observe your baby's responses to certain situations, giving you information about their behaviour in other situations. Observing your baby this way has been clinically shown to increase parent's confidence. 

Baby Kind sessions can be done with either or both parents present. Each session lasts about 1- 1½ hours and at the end of the session you will be given a handout about some of the information you have learnt. 

The sessions are run by Sarah Wheatley, a registered counsellor and perinatal therapist.  

Sarah can also offer free demonstrations to groups, so that you can see a Baby Kind observation in practice. Sarah is a registered counsellor who has trained with the Brazelton Institute in order to provide these sessions to parents and babies. 

The sessions can take place either at your own home, or in Sarah's welcoming practice in Portobello.

For more information please contact Sarah at KnotStressed.