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Relax & Sing Baby Signing

Signing is a wonderful way to communicate with your little one before they can talk. It is widely recognised by speech and language experts as helping to encourage speech development. Join in the fun in these fun and engaging Edinburgh Relax & Sing Baby Signing sessions to learn over 250 British Sign Language Signs to use with your baby. Babies love our lively sessions with great music, puppets, toys, musical instruments and sensory play. Guaranteed to get your baby smiling, singing and signing.

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Signing is a wonderful way to communicate with your little one before they can talk:

Baby Signing is helpful for building confidence in communication with your little one and has been shown to reduce tantrums in toddlers by half! Babies use signs and gestures as a natural part of learning to talk. By teaching extra signs, such as for milk, tired, and nappy, you will help reduce frustration (theirs and yours!).

All the signs taught through our course are British Sign Language signs, so you will also learn the basis of a new language. By the end of the 4-6 week course you will feel confident using around 250 key signs with your baby.

We learn the signs through wonderful music composed by local musician, Oliver Ridgewell. These are joyful sessions and babies often start copying the actions and singing along to the songs by the end of the course.


Who can join?

The course is ideal for babies aged 6 months to 2 years old. You are welcome to join these classes even if you don’t plan to use signs with your baby. Babies love the music, stories, songs, toys, instruments and social time.

Course fee:

Our £40 5-week course fee includes 1-months access to the Baby Signing Parents Zone where you can enjoy the DVDs (A-Z of signs, signing along to the songs, and group session footage). Continued Parent Zone access is just £3 per month.

After you are have finished your first course, you are welcome to drop into these sessions for £5.

Upcoming Courses at KnotStressed Therapies on weekly Tuesday mornings with Onie:

  • 20th August to 17th September: 10.15-11.15am  (5 weeks £40)

  • 24th September to 29th October: 10.15-11.15am  (5 weeks £40)*please note no session on 15th October

  • 19th November to 17th December: 10.15-11.15am  (5 weeks £40)

  • Upcoming Courses at Pollock Pavilion, 227 Ferry Road, EH6 4SP (this venue has a small free private car park for 6/7 cars) with Anne Young:

  • Tuesday 25th June to Tuesday 23rd July 2019: 10.30am - 11.30am (5 weeks £40)

Love the sing and sign classes. Really great, relaxed environment. The little ones love the music and signs and interacting with the other babies and toys. Definitely one of our favourite classes and really reasonably priced!
— Emma MacDonald