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Pregnancy & Postnatal Reflexology

Our Edinburgh Pregnancy & Postnatal Reflexology can help support you during the physical and emotional adjustments you are experiencing at this important time. We can work with you at any time during pregnancy to assist with your general relaxation, easing your anxieties and helping to lift your mood.  

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Pregnancy Reflexology can also help relieve some of the common ailments that occur during pregnancy, such as:

* morning sickness, hyperemesis, heartburn and nausea

* back pain

* constipation

* Pelvic Girdle Pain and Symphysis Pubis issues

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By helping you to relax and unwind, a relaxing and restorative Reflexology treatment can also positively impact on your partner and wider family.

We also offer Reflexology for childbirth. Special techniques can be used to help to regulate and lessen the intensity of surges, provide pain relief and calm the mind and body during childbirth.

Postnatally, Reflexology may help with:

*encouraging return of normal menstrual cycle

*assisting recovery following an epidural

*aiding recovery following a caesarean section

*easing breast feeding discomforts and encourage lactation

*alleviating anxiety and the “baby blues”

*easing digestive problems

The Treatment

Your safety and comfort is of our utmost importance and each session is tailored to your individual needs.

We begin by looking at your feet before massaging to warm your feet. After that reflex points of the feet will be worked using specific finger and thumb techniques to ease any congestion in these points.

Special attention will be paid to the reflexes treated during pregnancy and areas of importance to you at this time.

Reflexologist, Georgie McCulloch, is happy to see clients at her studios at Central Studio, 14A Broughton Street Lane, Edinburgh EH1 3LY.


  • 60 minutes for £50

I’ve seen Georgie for reflexology for almost a year now, originally for complications I had during pregnancy and now post natally. I always look forward to my appointments with Georgie and often nod off as I’m so relaxed and after I generally feel energised. As well as being an excellent reflexologist Georgie takes a holistic approach, providing me with great advice and reccomendations. I genuinely feel I’ve had so much invaluable support from Georgie.
— Christina Blundell