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Postnatal Yoga

Enter a haven of calm 'me-time' for new and not-so-new mums. Our Edinburgh Postnatal Yoga seeks to gently strengthen and stretch the body while promoting deep relaxation and emotional support. It is also a lovely opportunity to connect with other mums.


Who can benefit?

Suitable for mums from 12 weeks postpartum. No previous experience necessary. For practicing yogis this session will complement general yoga classes.

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga include:

* strengthening the back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

* realigning the pelvis and posture

*learning therapeutic movement to repair diastasis recti ('split abs') and pelvic floor issues/prolapse

* releasing tension from upper back, shoulders and neck muscles

* building inner calm, relieving stress and anxiety

* rejuvenating and re-energising

These sessions are lead by Penny.


Group size:

Our workshops are limited to seven people, ensuring a friendly setting and allowing the teacher to tailor the session to the your individual needs.


Saturday 9th November 2019 10am - 12noon


£16 / 2hr workshop 

Such a welcoming and friendly centre for all things relaxation. I attended many groups, both during and post pregnancy and would thoroughly recommend to anyone. From an affordable hypnobirthing course, to pregnancy, postnatal and mum and baby yoga - this place has it all for guiding you through your journey to parenthood.
— Jo Lochhead