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Edinburgh Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential for everyone. Eating healthily can improve health and boost immunity, enhance energy levels and mental acuity, promote healing and improve sports performance. It has been proven that many chronic diseases can be prevented with proper nutrition. All our nutrition services are evidence based.


We offer services for all ages and needs including:

* bespoke weight loss programmes

* sport performance and fitness

* fertility, pregnancy and postnatal

* children’s health and behaviour

* chronic disease prevention and recovery such chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer


Dr. Ilenia Paciarotti (PhD, Rnutr) is a Registered Nutritionist with great experience in clinical nutrition.

Ilenia sees clients at her Portobello practice.


First Consultation
Consultation time: 90 minutes / Cost: £85.00

Follow ups
Consultation time: 45 minutes (approx.) / Cost: £50.00 
Consultation time: 30 minutes (approx.) / Cost: £35.00

I have been a client at KnotStressed for many years and can highly recommend the range of first class, tailored treatments provided by professional and friendly therapists.
— Lindsay Seywright