Massage in Schools

Fully clothed, peer massage is a fun, creative way for 4-12 year-old children to learn about a range of subjects. Massage in Schools has been shown to help improve concentration, reduce bullying and enhance friendships. Once you have learnt the simple 10-minute routine you can build it into your daily school activities.

Massage in Schools is educational and fun:

* active learning can bring a range of subjects to life.

* all the strokes have names which the children would recognise, such as 'ice skating' and 'baker'.

* children learn actively through touch, movement and imitation.

* children are encouraged to create their own massage stories.

It is respectful:

* the children always ask permission from each other before they begin and say thank you to each other when they finish the routine.

* any child that does not want to take part can stay and watch.

It is flexible:

* a 10 minute slot for the massage can be incorporated into the school day.

* a trained instructor can deliver 'learning through massage' classes on a range of subjects.

* once each class of school children has been taught massage by a trained instructor, their teachers can then continue the 'learning through massage' techniques to assist with their own lesson plans in the future.


Find out More:

We can tailor these visits to your school or after school club’s requirements. Please contact us to find out more.