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Indulgent Massage Treatments

Visit our gorgeous Edinburgh clinic to treat yourself to sheer bliss with an Indulgent Massage incorporating gorgeous Neal’s Yard Organic products, steamed flannels, hot stones and expert massage techniques. Lie back, relax and let us pamper you from top-to-toe. Choose from Indulgent Head & Face Massage, Lower Leg & Feet Massage or Indulgent Full Body Massage.

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Indulgent Head & Face Massage (60-mins or more)

Treat yourself to a deeply relaxing head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands massage. Followed by a full facial using Neal's Yard Organic products, steamed flannels, rosewater eye pads and lavender pillows.

Indulgent Lower Leg & Feet Massage (60-mins or more)

Put your feet up with a warm herbal foot soak, followed by a gorgeous lower leg and feet massage using Neal's Yard Organic foot creams, steamed flannels and hot stones.

Indulgent Top-to-Toes Full Body Massage (90-mins or more)

A deluxe combination that pampers you from top-to-toe using Neal’s Yard Organic products and incorporating hot stones and steamed flannels. Bliss!



60 minutes £60

75 minutes £70

90 minutes £75

2 hours £90

Left me in a total state of bliss! I’ll definitely be booking regular treatments.
— Marie D