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Fertility Reflexology

Our Edinburgh Fertility Reflexology treatment is a calming and balancing holistic therapy that can help to ease emotional and physical stress and tension. Regular reflexology treatment, coupled with lifestyle changes by both partners can greatly improve fertility.

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Fertility Reflexology aims to assist couples/individuals who would like help with any of the following:

* natural conception

* assisted conception; IVF; ICSI; IUI

* menstrual cycle/hormonal imbalance leading to infertility

* endometriosis; fibroids; PCOS

* sperm quality and quantity

* general health and wellbeing – creating the optimum health for mums and Dads-to-be

This area of specialism in Reflexology has been developed to look at all aspects of fertility, conception and pre-conception care. It includes in its protocol:

* assessing and regulating the endocrine system - hormone balancing

* using stress reduction techniques - physical, emotional and mental

* working with symptoms and causes of menstrual issues and hormone imbalance

* working alongside the medicated cycle in assisted conception to enhance its efficacy

* addressing lifestyle/exercise/diet and nutritional supplementation to support optimum health

* full support offered in a creative and caring environment

What is involved?

It is recommended that both partners complete the initial consultation form which is sent out prior to the first appointment. To prepare an appropriate treatment plan, time is given at the first appointment to discuss the consultation form and to do a full reflexology treatment. A pack of information which you may find helpful is also given at the first appointment.

Reflexologist, Georgie McCulloch, is happy to see clients at her studios at Central Studio, 14A Broughton Street Lane, Edinburgh EH1 3LY.


  • 90 minute initial consultation including full treatment £78

  • 60 minute follow up appointment £50

I have been seeing Georgie for reflexology for over a year now. Originally for fertility reflexology, and then pregnancy. I am also going to be doing some post natal sessions. I found the sessions totally invaluable. We discussed any issues I was having and Georgie would always be supportive and understanding. I found the reflexology so relaxing and soothing and it really helped my mind and body function better. Can’t recomment her enough!
— Dawn Bell