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Deep Chill Yoga - Relax & Restore

Start your weekend revitalised and with a deep sense of calm. These relaxing and nourishing workshops will help you relieve stress and restore vitality and emotional stability through gentle stretching, restorative yoga postures and yoga nidra.

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Benefits of Deep Chill Yoga:

Moving into a state of deep relaxation helps mind and body find balance, enabling bodily systems such as the digestion and heart rate to function optimally. When experiencing deep physical rest, emotions and thoughts can be settled, leading to a profound sense of calm.

Regular Yoga Nidra (yogic 'sleep') practice can help relieve stress-related disorders such as anxiety and insomnia, boost energy, and enhance creativity and productivity. It can also be helpful in the management of chronic pain and improve feelings of positivity and ability to cope.

These sessions are lead by Penny.

Group size:

In our sessions, we take up to 7 people, ensuring a friendly class and the ability for the teacher to individually tailor the sessions. No experience is necessary.


Upcoming Sessions: 

  • Friday 25th October, 7-8pm

  • Friday 22nd November, 7-8pm


£10 for 1 hour

A welcoming place in every way. A therapeutic, nourishing experience for body, mind and soul. Highly recommended!
— Elizabeth Bernstein