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Parenting Support with a Child Psychologist

We believe that every parent is an expert on their own child. Having said that, there may be times when, as a parent, we can feel stuck with a particular issue. It is at these times, when it can be really beneficial to have someone with knowledge and experience to take an objective view of the situation and to offer guidance towards solutions. We offer gentle, evidence-based information and support tailored to the needs of the individual parent and child.

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Sarah Hulme is a mother to two girls and one boy and a fully qualified child psychologist with many years experience supporting families.

Sarah is able to help if you are struggling with any child behaviour/development issue for example:

* baby sleep, colic, crying

* toddler tantrums and behaviour

* child night terrors or wetting the bed

* child anxiety or other stress-related issues

* bullying, peer pressure, exam stress and other school related issues


Whilst Sarah does not live in Edinburgh she can offer invaluable support including:

* an hour long consultation over Skype or on the phone.

* a kind, compassionate and non judgmental approach.

* a chance to discuss your baby or toddler’s health, development and current concerns.

* a gentle, respectful and child-centred approach.

* a personalised plan tailored to your specific family situation.

* evidence based strategies to work on.

* free email follow up within 14 days of the consultation

Please contact us to discuss your needs - costs are determined by the nature of each consultation and number of sessions required.

We both feel informed, relaxed and ready to be new parents thanks to the workshops we’ve attended at KnotStressed.
— Jennifer Kidd