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Aromatherapy for Beginners Group Workshop

This informal and fun Aromatherapy for Beginners Workshop at our Edinburgh clinic will give you the confidence you need to learn about aromatherapy and to blend and use aromatherapy oils safely at home. Come on your own or with a friend - no experience necessary. The workshop is lead by experienced Aromatherapist, Anne Young.

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Enjoy an interesting and practical experience where you will learn the basics of aromatherapy. By the end of the workshop you will:

* understand the difference between aromatherapy essential oils and base (non-smelling)oils

* understand the safety guidelines related to buying, blending, storing and using essential oils

* learn about the different methods of blending essential oils and base oils

* understand the therapeutic properties of essential oils e.g. Lavender – calming and sedative, Eucalyptus – expectorant and decongestant, Roman Chamomile – anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic

* enjoy a “lotions and potions” practical session where you will make (and keep) your own aromatherapy blend

* receive a comprehensive course hand out

Please note that as spaces are limited to 10 booking in advance is essential.


Upcoming Workshops:

Date to be confirmed


  • £30 per person.

  • £50 per couple / two friends /parent and child coming together.  

My husband and I really enjoyed the workshop on Indian Head Massages. Learning a new technique, massage and relaxation in a friendly and cosy environment - a wonderful evening for both of us!
— Anna Wood