Fertility Awareness Group

As so many of you know, when you are Trying to Conceive – be it natural conception, IVF or other medical treatments - you need a lot of tender loving care.

Sometimes those closest to you are the hardest to ask for help, or the last to understand how you’re really feeling. Sometimes you need more support from people that really know what you’re going through.

That’s why KnotStressed has set-up a Fertility Awareness Group, for people just like you. Where you can meet others who are Trying to Conceive; talk, share, laugh, cry or simply listen in a safe, calm and nurturing environment.

We’ve structured our group so that it's relaxed, informal and no pressure is placed on anyone to share. You can just come and enjoy a cup of tea and listen to others if you wish.

In the first part of the group session there is plenty of time for informal chat over a relaxing cup of tea and coffee.  If you wish to share stories, hopes and fears during this time you will be made very welcome. The purpose of the session is to allow folk to relax and only chat about their issues if they choose to.  

For the second part of the session, we endeavour to invite practitioners who support couples through fertility issues to share their skills in an informal setting. We post the details of specialists coming to this group to our FaceBook ,  Twitter  and Google Plus accounts so please keep an eye out there. Our intention, through inviting guest practitioners, is to help you to cope better with the emotional and medical challenges that you face on your fertility journey.

When do we meet?

Our Fertility Support Group meets monthly and the next session will take place on:

  • 8.30-10pm on Mondays - dates going forward to be confirmed (please contact us if you are interested)

The group is Donations-Based:

We ask for a small donation of £5 per person to cover costs. Snacks and hot drinks will be provided.

Where do we meet?

Sessions take place at our gorgeous new KnotStressed Therapies Clinic at 40-42 Montrose Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5DL map here

To find out more, or book your place in the group, please contact Anne.